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October 27 - November 02
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    19th IWA International Conference on Diffuse Pollution & Eutrophication

    All day

    The sustainable development goals (SDG) approved in 2015 identified the importance of promoting sustainable water management for safer and resilient cities. The 19th IWA International Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Eutrophication (DIPCON 2019) aims to encourage research, disseminate information, and support the development of policies to understand and solve environmental constraints caused by diffuse or non-point sources of pollution. Moreover, DIPCON 2019 aims to address a wide range of issues associated with urban and agricultural contamination of water, air, and soil resources that result from disseminated or non-point sources. DIPCON 2019 will also serve as a venue to introduce the current trend of water management to developing and developed countries. DIPCON 2019 is particularly interested in understanding the physical, hydrological, biological, and chemical processes that contribute to diffuse pollution, and learning how this knowledge may be used to design systems to mitigate diffuse pollution using nature-based solutions and decentralized management approaches. Social, economic, and policy issues are also important to the conference as it provides opportunities to link technological questions and potential solutions with the human institutions and communities that will benefit from improvement of water, air, and soil quality. As such, DIPCON 2019 will highlight the importance of the collaborative effort of the government, as well as the water professionals, in addressing the problems brought about by traditional urban development. DIPCON 2019 will provide an opportunity to bring together researchers, scientists, practitioners, NGOs, and policy makers to discuss several aspects within the scope of the conference topics.


    • Integrated Watershed Management
    • Agricultural runoff: Agricultural pollution (including nutrients and pesticides)
    • Urban/Industrial Diffuse Pollution: urban drainage systems (including CSOs and SSOs)/traffic pollution/industrial pollution
    • Nature based solutions: Low impact development/Green Infrastructures/Water wise cities/Decentralized water management systems/Ecological Design/Innovative and Policies
    • Integrated watershed management
    • Integrated coastal watershed management (Marine and coastal area problems)
    • Soil and Groundwater contamination
    • Reservoir and surface water bodies issues: Eutrophication/Turbid flows
    • Public participation and sustainable development issues
    • Policies, Governance and Education on Diffuse Pollution and Eutrophication
    • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
    • Ecological health issues
    • Rainwater Harvesting
    • Diffuse pollution and Eutrophication Monitoring and Modeling (Modeling/GIS and Remote sensing application)
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    ABSTRACT DEADLINE: IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2020

    All day

    The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition is the global event for water professionals covering the entire water cycle. As the Congress rotates through cities and countries each event has an extra emphasis on issues of specific interest to the region.

    There will be a strong representation and contribution from Nordic and Baltic Sea countries, making the IWA Congress & Exhibition a vital opportunity to learn about the Nordic water challenges and solutions, including participation in technical site visits.

    The 2020 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. It will engage stakeholders and key contacts within the conventional water sector and beyond. It will bring together core water sector groups, such as those focused on urban water and urban water services, as well as participants from industry and agriculture, architects and urban planners, soil and groundwater experts and hydrologists, social scientists, the ICT sector, the financial sector, and others.

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    8th IWA-ASPIRE Conference & Exhibition 2019

    All day

    The ASPIRE 2019 will be held on 31 October to 2 November 2019 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, located at the heart of the city centre with excellent meeting and convention facilities and proven record of hosting the international conference. The 3-day Conference and Exhibition plus technical visits and workshops will attract 1 000 participants all over the world. ASPIRE will organize alongside events such as technical visits and networking events. Technical visits will include our prominent waterworks, waste water and storm water infrastructure, such as Ma On Shan Water Treatment Works, High Island Reservoir, Muk Wu Raw Water Pumping Station, Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme and Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works. We are planning to organize some networking events to build up personal relationships and business linkages among the profession. Tentatively, there will be 4 numbers of parallel sessions, with each parallel session centred on the themes related to water supplies, wastewater and stormwater management etc. There will also be expected total of about 200 presentations. The highlights will be on smart and novel solutions together with green infrastructures for Water Resilience cum global actions required.


    • Climate Change
    • Green Technology
    • Wastewater Treatment Technologies
    • Wastewater Policy and Governance
    • Water and Energy Nexus
    • Water Policy and Governance
    • Water Resources Management
    • Water Supply Management
    • Water Sustainability
    • Water, Sanitation and Health
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    DEADLINE: Award/Grant - Priestley Medal (ACS)

    All day

    The Priestley Medal is the highest honor conferred by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and is awarded for distinguished service in the field of chemistry.

    DEADLINE: Award/Grant - Discovery Grant Supplements (DND/NSERC)

    All day

    The DND Supplement provides additional resources to researchers whose Discovery Grant applications were successful in the Discovery Grants competition and whose research addresses the DND target areas. Each award is valued at up to $120,000 over three years (up to $40,000 annually). These funds may be used to expand the recipient’s research group (e.g., students, postdoctoral fellows, technicians), to purchase or access specialized equipment, or for other initiatives or resources that would accelerate the recipient’s research program in the targeted areas.

    DEADLINE: Award/Grant - NSERC Discovery Grants

    All day


    This program supports ongoing programs of research with long-term goals rather than a single short-term project or collection of projects. These grants recognize the creativity and innovation that are at the heart of all research advances. These grants provide long term operating funds, but are not meant to support the full costs of a research program. Applicants are encouraged to increase the inclusion and advancement of women and other under-represented groups in the natural sciences and engineering, as one means to enhance excellence in research and training. Discovery Grants are awarded to individual researchers, normally for five years.

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