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November 10 - November 16
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    The 4th IWA Spain National Young Water Professionals Conference

    All day

    YWP Spanish Chapter aims to empower and integrate young water professionals with our national conference in November 2019. This conference is a great opportunity for networking and career development where also soft skills will be improved. It will be full of technical sessions, technical visits and social program. Here, companies and universities will be able to exchange experience, research and knowledge.

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    IWA Particle Separation Specialist Conference 2019: Formation, Utilization and Removal of Particles for Improved Water Quality

    All day

    The IWA Particle Separation Specialist Conference 2019 will provide a forum for presentation of the latest developements of the science and engineering of the formation, utilization and removal of particulate matter for the improvement of water quality. Developments in the area of drimking water, water resource recovery and indistrial water reclamation are included. Fundamental concepts and novel engineering applications will be presented based on abstract review and submittal and from selected keynote speakers.


    • Theoretical, Experimental, and Field Applications
    • Particle formation, utilization and removal for improved water quality
    • Nanoparticles to suspended particles
    • Drinking water, waste water, water reuse, storm water, industrial water
    • Particle characterization: applications and method development for determining physical, chemical and biological attributes of particles
    • Particle aggregation
    • Clarification processes
    • Media filtration (biological and conventional)
    • Membrane filtration for particle removal
    • Other particle filtration technologies
    • Use of novel particles for treatment devices, e.g., nanocomposite membranes, etc.

    4th International Electronic Conference on Water Sciences

    All day

    Conference Title: Urban Hydraulic Cycle in a Climate Changing Environment

    We are pleased to welcome you to the 4th International Electronic Conference on Water Sciences (ECWS-4), which will be held online, promoted by the open-access journal Water

    The ECWS-4 invites researchers from the academia as well as from the industry to contribute with novel ideas and experiences to deal with processes within the context of UHC, making references to the following topics framed in a climate changing environment with a special focus on sustainability:

    • Managing Water Resources from Aquifers, Rivers and Lakes
    • Drinking Water Treatments and Processes with Special Focus on Developing Countries
    • Water Supply and Distribution Systems
    • Sanitary, Storm and Combined Sewers and Related Control Works
    • Wastewater Treatment Modeling, Optimization and Control
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    ABSTRACT DEADLINE: 6th IWA International Symposium on Water, Wastewater and Environment in Ancient Civilizations: Traditions and Cultures

    All day

    The Symposium is dedicated to subjects relevant to the water traditions, culture and religions. This unique event aims to promote interactions, to motivate discussions and to encourage collaborations among the global community on water resources in the past, present and future. Information about ancient technologies of water and sanitation in various civilizations, which enhance present sustainable practices and water management, is crucial to develop present and future technologies.


    • Ancient and traditional methods, practices, and techniques of water and wastewater resource management in ancient civilizations
    • Urban water and wastewater reuse in ancient civilizations
    • Relation of water and climatic changes and/or variability
    • Ancient influences on modern water and wastewater technologies
    • The cultural and socio-economic role of water and wastewater in ancient civilizations
    • The role of water in religion in contemporary and ancient times
    • The theological implications of water
    • The relation of water to life and death
    • Water and health
    • Environmental Issues
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