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September 29 - October 05
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    DEADLINE: Award/Grant - Tang Prize in Sustainable Development

    All day

    The Tang Prize in Sustainable Development recognizes those who have made extraordinary contributions to the sustainable development of human societies, especially through groundbreaking innovations in science and technology.

    DEADLINE: Award/Grant - Stockholm Water Prize

    All day

    First presented in 1991, the Stockholm Water Prize is the world’s most prominent award for outstanding achievements in water-related activities. The prize honors individuals, institutions or organisations whose work contributes broadly to the conservation and protection of water resources and to improved health of the planet’s inhabitants and ecosystems. Any water-related activity is eligible as the purpose of the award is to recognize the most visionary and creative minds that through their accomplishments drive water development forward.

    ABSTRACT DEADLINE: IWA Conference Water in Industry 2020

    All day

    Water of different qualities is used in a wide range of industrial processes. After usage, various substances will enter the water streams, generating the industrial wastewater whose characteristics may include recalcitrant organics, high salinity, heavy metals, extreme pH, high turbidity, etc. Nowadays, water in industry tends to form a recycling loop, as boosted by the regional water scarcity, strict policies on emission control, and arising public concerns as well. The tendency would increase the challenge of technical solutions and management tools. Hence, the IWA conference “Water in Industry 2020” is initiated to provide a knowledge sharing platform on new advances related to the water cycle in industry. The conference will take place in Nanjing, a vivid historical heritage of China, from 30 March to 2 April 2020.


    • Pretreatment and post-treatment
    • Zero liquid discharge
    • Resource recovery
    • Removal of recalcitrants and heavy metals
    • Pre-membrane treatment
    • Cooling water
    • Smart management
    • Water policies
    • Water energy nexus
    • Best practice examples

    IWA-IDB Innovation Conference on Sustainable Use of Water: Cities, Industry and Agriculture

    All day

    The International Water Association and the Inter-American Development Bank are co-convening an international conference that will focus on implementation of innovation for sustainability in the real-world venues of cities, industry, and agriculture. We will share perspectives and encourage collaboration among the many stakeholders who play a role in how we use water— municipalities, industrial users, agriculture, policy-makers, regulators, environmental and social organizations, equipment and technology suppliers, consultants, researchers and academicians, financial institutions, and underserved populations. This conference will be held in Guayaquil, Ecuador from September 30th through October 3, 2019, with the support of both Ghent University and ESPOL University. Although there will be discussion of concepts, analytical tools, and technologies, the focus will be on their application. This real-world focus will be reflected in active recruitment of speakers and participants from outside the world of academia and IWA membership, to include all who either affect or are affected by water use by cities, industry, or agriculture. A key goal of this conference will be to develop recommendations and action plans designed to support collaborative efforts among the stakeholders who play a role in the path from sustainability concepts to implementation of sustainable practices.


    • Innovators and Innovation Management
    • Cities
    • Industry
    • Agriculture
    • Cross-Cutting Issues
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    DEADLINE: Award/Grant - Canada Gairdner Global Health Award

    All day

    The Canada Gairdner Global Health Award recognizes those who have made scientific advances in one of four areas: basic science, clinical science or population or environmental health. This award is given to a scientist whose advances have (or will potentially have) a significant impact on health outcomes in the developing world.

    11th IWA EE YWP Conference: Water for All, Water for Nature, Reliable Water Supply, Wastewater, Treatment and Reuse

    All day

    In 2019 we organise our 11th Eastern European IWA YWP Conference for Young Water Professionals, this conference will take place in a Europe’s most romantic city – Prague! The motto of our conference reflects the importance of water in our country and in the whole region of central and eastern Europe. Therefore the care about water has a long tradition in this country. The first Czech Water Act was issued by local parliament in 1870. The beginning of the 20th century was the period on intense construction of dams in Czech border mountains with the aim to secure enough water for growing population and industry and to control floods. Prague was one of the first towns in this region which was equipped with wastewater treatment plant commissio-ned in 1906. In 1910 the first trickling filter in central Europe was installed in Czech spa town Jáchymov. After the 2nd World War the construction of large dams culminated, for example, in 1975 the construction of Želivka dam and water work was finished which is still one of the biggest sources of drinking water in the region with capacity of 7 m3/s. The activated sludge process was applied already in the 1930s. The progress in activated sludge research has been connected since the 1960s with our university and many priority research papers can be found in IWA journals. Our university was also the birth place of IWA Specialist Group on Activated Sludge Population Dynamics in 1988 (the group is today known as Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering). The Czech Republic was one of the founding country members of IWA in 1965, the Czech experts are active in three EU commissions on protection of international rivers (the Elbe, The Oder and the Danube). Therefore the Czech Republic is proud to be a host of the 2019 IWA YWP conference and to welcome in its capital city Prague the young water experts who will come with a lot of new and intriguing ideas. Chair Program Committee Prof. Ing. Jiří Wanner,DrSc. IWA Distinguished Fellow University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

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    BWRC and LEADERS Seminar Series - Dr. Paul Hynds

    14:30 -15:30


    The seminar will present multiple multi-disciplinary studies, all of which had and have a very similar overarching objective, but use several approaches, datasets, test sites, and software packages to get there. Ireland currently has the highest incidence rate of verotoxigenic E. coli enteritis in Europe and one of the highest in the world. For example, current incidence rates for Ireland and Canada are approximately 9 cases/100,000 persons and 1.8 cases/100,000 persons, respectively. Moreover, the profile of infection in Ireland is suspected to be extremely unique due to it’s climate, infrastructure, and geography. Thus, the “journey” comprises hydrogeology, microbial ecology, socio-epidemiology, statistical modelling, machine learning, quantitative risk assessment, and Paul getting stuck down a well for 4 hours (True Story).

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