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September 27 - October 03
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    MITACS Student and Faculty Awards

    All day

    Past or present students, postdoctoral fellows, and academic supervisors who have participated in the Mitacs Accelerate, Elevate, or Globalink programs are eligible for nomination. For the selection criteria pertaining to each specific award, please refer to the list of Mitacs awards above.

    Award recipients will be notified in late October and announced publicly at an awards ceremony on November 24, 2020, in Ottawa. Recipients within Canada will be presented with their awards at the ceremony. Recipients not in attendance will be required to provide a one-minute acceptance video by November 4, 2020, which will be shown during the awards ceremony. We are monitoring the situation around COVID-19 carefully. Should an in-person event not be possible, a digital awards ceremony will take place instead.

    *These award categories are open to nominations for both college, polytechnic, and university participants from eligible programs.

    Nomination process

    Students and postdoctoral fellows may be nominated for a Mitacs Award in one of the following ways:

    • By the academic supervisor who supervised their work during the Mitacs-funded project; or
    • By the industry supervisor who supervised their work during the Mitacs-funded project (for Accelerate or Elevate program nominees).

    Professors may be nominated for the Mitacs Award for Exceptional Leadership by:

    • The industrial partner;
    • The academic co-investigators; or,
    • The interns involved in the Mitacs-funded project on which they worked together.

    It is expected that several individuals may contribute to the preparation of a nomination submission for an academic supervisor. In this case, one person should act as the lead in the process so that a single nomination is submitted on behalf of the professor.

    Evaluation Procedure

    An internal and external review committee will review all nominations and make recommendations for the best candidates for each award. Mitacs’s CEO and Scientific Director will review the recommendations and make the final decisions.

    For questions regarding nominations, please contact events(at)

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    PAPER SUBMISSION DEADLINE: First Trans-Asia IWA-YWP Conference on Smart Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment – Technoscape 2020

    All day

    Far from being a niche concern, water is the heart of everything we do. The reasons are many – increasing world population, climate change, changing consumption patterns, expansion of irrigated agriculture and improving living standards. Depleting freshwater resources like groundwater and glaciers add on to the concerns. We have concepts and theoretical constructs of the business of water, but the bottom line is we have no choice except judiciously managing the resources to improve lives in a sustainable manner. To keep up with globalization, innovation of various technologies can help manage these dire challenges and showcase a more sustainable path with lower costs and wider effects all the while supporting economic growth. Methods invented and practiced to conserve and treat water are Desalination, Membrane Separation, Ion Exchange, etc. It is the need of the hour to convene a congress of learned men from different specialties devoted to sustainable water to deliberate, contribute to building solution and exchange of knowledge. Hence, it is proposed to convene Technoscape 20 – First Trans-Asia Conference on Smart Technologies for Water and Waste Water Treatment at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore from 16th – 19th December 2020. Technoscape 20 aims to engage a broad spectrum of innovations and hope to bring an amalgamation of ideas, inventions, and research to the forefront. This conference will address the following broad issues regarding water : – water quality, quantity, and groundwater/surface water management – water supply and sanitation planning – water quantity and quality – physical, economic and social aspects of water resources management – Communication and networking between main Water management groups, consumers, and specialists group

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