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  • 06

    NOI DEADLINE - Wicked Ideas Round 2

    All day

    The Wicked Ideas Competition is a Vice-Principal Research initiative to fund and support research collaboration and excellence.

    Wicked Problems are issues so complex and dependent on so many factors that it is hard to grasp what exactly the problem is, or how to tackle it. Wicked Ideas are needed to solve these problems, and demand the input of multiple disciplines with relevant practical expertise. This competition will fund Wicked Ideas that respond to local, national and global challenges by supporting the formation of research teams that offer the expertise and perspectives needed to tackle these challenges.

  • 15

    Award/Grant - Robert E. Horton Medal

    All day

    The Robert E. Horton Medal is given annually to one honoree in recognition of outstanding contributions to hydrology. Established in 1974, the Horton Medal is named in honor of Robert E. Horton, who made significant contributions to the study of the hydrologic cycle. Medal recipients typically work in one of the following disciplines: biogeosciences, cryosphere, Earth and planetary surface processes, hydrology, nonlinear geophysics and near surface geophysics.

  • 15

    Award/Grant - Ambassador Award

    All day

    The Ambassador Award is given annually to one to five honorees in recognition of their outstanding contributions to one or more of the following areas: societal impact, service to the Earth and space community, scientific leadership, and promotion of talent/career pool. The Ambassador Award honors individuals whose achievements extend beyond those recognized by traditional scientific discipline awards.

  • 22

    Award/Grant - 2021 CFID Undergraduate Summer Research Grant

    All day

    These awards were established in 2012 to attract bright young minds with outstanding academic records to the field of infectious diseases, microbiology, and infection control, and to fulfill the CFID mission of supporting research in infectious diseases. Each award is funded for $5,000 for a 12-13 week research term. Adjudication is by a selection committee and will be competitive based on academic achievement, research potential or experience, and mentor acceptance. Student awardees are required to submit a summary report within 4 weeks of the termination of their project, and are encouraged to submit a poster or oral presentation about their work at the AMMI Canada/CACMID annual meeting.

    Eligibility requirements:

    • Students must be enrolled in a Canadian University in their 2nd year or higher
    • Commitment to 12-13 weeks of research either as a summer research project, an elective research term, or a co-op work-term
    • Minimum GPA of B+ (3.33 or 76%)
    • Preference will be given to sponsoring research faculty who are members of CFID partnered professional associations (eg. AMMI Canada, CACMID, etc.)
    • Research area must be relevant to the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of infectious diseases
    • Priority is given to current focused research areas identified by CFID (e.g. water safety, antimicrobial resistance, rapid diagnostics, infection prevention strategies, antimicrobial stewardship, etc.)