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Water is a fundamental part of the human experience. Whether providing life through drinking water, entertainment through recreation or economic prosperity through industrial and commercial uses. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes water as essential for life (WHO, 2016). In order to properly protect water supplies against contamination and overuse, one must first understand the complex chemical, biological and hydrological interactions occurring within water in the environment and the policy and regulatory environment under which water exists.

The Beaty Water Research Centre’s new online Graduate Diploma in Water and Human Health (WHH GDip), brings depth to the chemical, biological and physical components of water, while also capturing the policy environment for participants across the globe, to understand the impacts of water on public health. It is offered on a full-time (4 courses over 1 semester) or part-time (4 courses over 2 semesters) basis.

Participants will finish with a Graduate Diploma from Queen’s University that will give them a competitive edge for their future careers. The Diploma, although a standalone offering, can also be applied to the course-work required for a course-based or research masters in a number of departments and faculties at Queen’s.

Applied Sustainability

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Water and Human Health

September 2019

Watershed Restoration

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For any questions regarding our diploma programs, contact us at BWRC.info@queensu.ca