BWRC & LEADERS Seminar Series – Stuart Pearson

James Ligthart

Sandy solutions for saving our shores from sea level rise: a Dutch perspective REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT In an era of rising seas and other challenges posed by climate change, coastal regions like the Netherlands face ever graver threats. In response to chronic erosion and catastrophic floods throughout their history, the Dutch armoured their coast with dikes and dams. However, …

Award/Grant – Maurice A. Biot Medal

Sophie Felleiter

This medal was established by the Engineering Mechanics Institute of ASCE to recognize the lifetime achievement of Dr. Maurice A. Biot (1905-1985). The award consists of a medal. This award is funded by the generous endowment of Madame Biot, honoring her late husband. It was instituted by the Board of Direction in 2002.

Award/Grant – Arid Lands Hydraulic Engineering Award

Sophie Felleiter

The Arid Land Hydraulic Engineering Award recognizes original contributions in hydraulics, hydrology including climatology, planning, irrigation and drainage, hydroelectric power development, navigation specially applicable to arid or semi-arid climates or contributions to the understanding and development of new technology in river basins.

Award/Grant – James B. Macelwane Medal

Sophie Felleiter

The James B. Macelwane Medal is given annually to three to five early career scientists in recognition of their significant contributions to Earth and space science. Nominees are selected for the medal based on their depth and breadth of research, impact, creativity as well as service, outreach, and diversity. The Macelwane Medal was named in honor of former AGU president …

Award/Grant – Joane Simpson Medal for Mid-Career Scientists

Sophie Felleiter

The Joanne Simpson Medal is given annually to two to three mid-career honorees in recognition of their significant contributions to Earth and space science. Recipients of this award may work across any Earth and space science discipline. This medal is named in honor of Joanne Simpson, who was the first woman to earn a Ph.D. in meteorology and during her …