5th International Conference on Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment (ecoSTP2020) “Impacting the environment with innovation in wastewater treatment”

Sophie Felleiter

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Following four successful IWA Specialized International Conferences on ‘Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment (ecoSTP)’ in Spain (2012), Italy (2014), the United Kingdom (2016), and London, Ontario, Canada (2018), we are pleased to announce the 5th ecoSTP conference (IWA ecoSTP2020) to be held in Milan (Italy).   High anthropic pressure is impairing water, impacting the environment and limiting its potential uses, so innovation is the key for a new paradigm in wastewater treatment and management, as for: a) energy and resource recovery, favouring a new water economy. b) potential for multiple-use and reuse of the water resource, such as improvement of recreational surface water uses, promotion of indirect potable reuse, requalification of agricultural reserves, revitalization of waterways reconnecting people. The conference will feature plenary and parallel sessions, as well as workshops and short courses for students, postdocs and interested researchers.   The conference is organized by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Politecnico di Milano and will be supported by Water Utilities, Companies in the Water Sector, Local Authorities and other stakeholders.


  • Impact minimization and prevention
  • Water multiple uses and resource recovery
  • Preservation of human and ecosystem health through risk-based decision support for treatment selection
  • Monitoring and control strategies for optimization and scale-up