8th IWA Odour and VOC/Air Emissions Conference

Sophie Felleiter

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This will be the first IWA Odour Conference to be held in China in this series, after previous events in Australia, Singapore, Spain, Brazil, USA, France (cancelled due to Terrorist attack) and Poland. The increased urbanization all over the world during the past years especially in China is now facing more frequently air quality issues. Odours and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions also present as key factors for planning and selecting locations for sustainable production in livestock & industry and for sustainable management of waste and wastewater. The novel cost-effective solutions are therefore not only relevant to Odour/VOC abatementand mitigation, but also to odour management as the key tool of securing the minimized impacts to local community. This conference will be a unique networking opportunity for researchers, professionals and industry specialists from relevant sectors to exchange and share knowledge, ideas and experiences regarding regulations, sampling, measurement, analysis, impact, modeling, mitigation, management of odours and VOC/air emissions and much more.


  • Policy and associated regulations for odour and air quality
  • Odour/VOC measurement, monitoring&sensor technologies
  • Odour/VOC perception, impact, formation and dispersion
  • GHG emissions particulate matter and industrial emissions
  • Source characterisation and odour/VOC mapping
  • Odour/VOC abatement, mitigation and neutralisation
  • Odour/VOC from wastewater, weser systems and livestock
  • Air emissions and sustainable solutions for waste handling
  • Community engagement, social media and citizen action
  • Big data/data analytics