ABSTRACT DEADLINE: 6th IWA International Symposium on Water, Wastewater and Environment in Ancient Civilizations: Traditions and Cultures

Sophie Felleiter

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The Symposium is dedicated to subjects relevant to the water traditions, culture and religions. This unique event aims to promote interactions, to motivate discussions and to encourage collaborations among the global community on water resources in the past, present and future. Information about ancient technologies of water and sanitation in various civilizations, which enhance present sustainable practices and water management, is crucial to develop present and future technologies.


  • Ancient and traditional methods, practices, and techniques of water and wastewater resource management in ancient civilizations
  • Urban water and wastewater reuse in ancient civilizations
  • Relation of water and climatic changes and/or variability
  • Ancient influences on modern water and wastewater technologies
  • The cultural and socio-economic role of water and wastewater in ancient civilizations
  • The role of water in religion in contemporary and ancient times
  • The theological implications of water
  • The relation of water to life and death
  • Water and health
  • Environmental Issues