Award/Grant – The Chancellor A. Charles Baillie Teaching Award

Sophie Felleiter

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Established in 2003 through gifts from the Toronto Dominion Bank and Chancellor Emeritus Charles Baillie, the Chancellor A. Charles Baillie Teaching Award recognizes undergraduate or graduate or professional teaching that has had an outstanding influence on the quality of student learning at Queen's University.  It is awarded annually for activities that lead to improved learning, including curriculum development, educational leadership, design and delivery of out-of-classroom educational experiences, or classroom teaching and supervision.

Recipients of this award are selected by a panel of their peers. The Selection Committee comprises past award winners, subject experts, and educational developers.  The Centre for Teaching and Learning is responsible for the administration of the Award and the selection of the adjudication panel.  The Selection Committee is charged with responding to the question: Who among our colleagues deserves recognition this year for his or her exceptional efforts to promote student learning?