IWA Particle Separation Specialist Conference 2019: Formation, Utilization and Removal of Particles for Improved Water Quality

Sophie Felleiter

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The IWA Particle Separation Specialist Conference 2019 will provide a forum for presentation of the latest developements of the science and engineering of the formation, utilization and removal of particulate matter for the improvement of water quality. Developments in the area of drimking water, water resource recovery and indistrial water reclamation are included. Fundamental concepts and novel engineering applications will be presented based on abstract review and submittal and from selected keynote speakers.


  • Theoretical, Experimental, and Field Applications
  • Particle formation, utilization and removal for improved water quality
  • Nanoparticles to suspended particles
  • Drinking water, waste water, water reuse, storm water, industrial water
  • Particle characterization: applications and method development for determining physical, chemical and biological attributes of particles
  • Particle aggregation
  • Clarification processes
  • Media filtration (biological and conventional)
  • Membrane filtration for particle removal
  • Other particle filtration technologies
  • Use of novel particles for treatment devices, e.g., nanocomposite membranes, etc.