The NSERC CREATE LEaders in wAter anD watERshed Sustainability (the LEADERS), is led by Dr. Stephen Brown. The LEADERS program will bring students to the forefront of water-related science and policy.

The program is supported by twelve researchers and fourteen stakeholders from diverse disciplines and expertise providing cutting-edge training to the next generation of water professionals.

The LEADERS program will support 72 HQP's over six-years. The program will provide opportunity for students to expand the horizon of their research careers through the possibility of internships in stakeholder organizations.

To learn more about the program or apply please visit the program website.





Stephen Brown

Dr. Stephen Brown, Program Director

Department of Chemistry, Queen's University
Email: stephen.brown@chem.queensu.ca


Sophie Felleiter, Research Coordinator

Beaty Water Research Centre, Queen's University
Email: sf60@queensu.ca