WatIF 2020 Graduate Conference website has moved, please find up-to-date information on our new website WatifKingston.ca

What can authors submit?

  • Oral presentation (15 min) or poster;
  • Authors abstracts to be published in Convergence Proceedings.
  • Delegate run, interactive friendly sharing of research
  • Showcase your passion & research in non-conventional knowledge transfer
  • 45 min workshop proposal, professional facilitator focused;
  • Designed to foster interactive discussions, generate ideas, and collaborative solutions amongst delegates.

Our Themes

Submit at waterresearchcentre.ca/watif/watif-attend/call-for-abstracts/

Abstract submissions are encouraged from graduate researchers in all domains of water-related issues: policy, law, education, research, human health, or cross-discipline research.

How is content selected?

All the abstracts submitted to WatIF2020 will be peer reviewed by a panel of graduate students based on the following criteria: 

  • The fit between the thematic tracks and the proposal;
  • The utilization ofinter/multi/transdisciplinary approaches to research; 
  • The impact of the work in addressing pressing water challenges.

Will papers be published?

The conference delegates will have access to digital proceedings that include program abstracts. Aspects of selected submissions may be considered for publication in the program. 

Author registration fee

All authors (oral presenters, poster presenters, workshops) are required to register to attend WatIF. There is no fee for submitting an abstract. Presenting authors are eligible for early-bird discounted registration rates; please see registration details available at www.waterresearchcentre.ca/watif/watif-attend/registration/ 

Authors may submit an unlimited number of proposals. However, each presenting author can only be assigned up to two presentation activities during the Conference. 

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