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General Conference Program

The backbone of the WatIF conference is its focus on providing young researchers with the tools to be tomorrow’s leaders. Activities are designed by students and focus on exploring on how to find success in collaborative problem-solving regarding the future of the world’s water. The program will provide opportunities for students to develop their communication skills and gain academic recognition through traditional activities (e.g. plenary and poster sessions). Non-conventional, innovative activities will allow students to develop leadership skills and experience collaborative, interdisciplinary work in action. WatIF will encourage students to use a broad range of learning styles and step outside of their comfort zone. As conference organization is an ongoing process, the descriptions of activities provided below are just a glimpse of what is to come. Here is a taste of our program activities.

Program at a Glance

Present Your Research to a Diverse Audience

Concurrent Student Sessions

Traditional concurrent student sessions will provide graduate researchers the opportunity to share their research with attending delegates. This public speaking opportunity allows students to develop their communication skills and build self-confidence. All student sessions will be mediated by students to encourage leadership development, and student sessions will be structured to showcase potential for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Poster Session

During the Poster Session, students have an opportunity to visually present and discuss their research to a vast array of experts and peers from a multitude of backgrounds. Experts and students will be circulating the floor and evaluating posters. This intimate setting is an excellent opportunity to discuss your research and get feedback from professionals as well as your peers.

Keynote Lectures & Expert Panels

Listen to leading scholars discuss their path in academia, successes with industry, and pitfalls to avoid. Keynote speakers & research-industry expert panels provide an opportunity to lean a broader approach to research than individual work. Expert panels featuring both researchers, industry, and entrepreneurs to discuss trends in water-related fields, and answer delegate questions.

Collaborative Design Project

Expand your ability to solve problems with a guided collaborative design project. Self-suggested topics relating to international water-issues will be decided on by delegates. Join a team of your interest and compete for the best solution. This set of collaborative exercises test rapid problem-solving, idea presentation skills, and ability to professionally debate. A new activity this year that is sure to be a favourite.

… and More!

Be a part of conventional and non-conventional activities that showcase your research, expand your ability to communicate your work with the public, investors, and potential industry collaborators in fun, social activities. Explore the beauty of Queen’s University, located right on Lake Ontario!

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