Graduate Diploma in Water and Human Health 

Why a Graduate Diploma in Water and Human Health? 


A special stream of the Graduate Diploma in Water and Human Health is being offered over the summer, with 2 of the 4 courses (Water Policy & Governance and Water & Human Health) being delivered concurrently. The remaining courses will be delivered in Fall 2020.  Courses are each structured into 1-2 week modules.  Each participant may decide how to progress through these modules in the time they have available.  For instance, a participant working during the day may choose to complete the modules in the evenings or during downtime.  Each course will have 1 or 2 standing online meetings, which a participant may choose to join at any time to ask questions or discuss the material with the instructor and other participants.  Participants who are not able to join these meetings may also contact the instructor to make alternate arrangements.

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The Graduate Diploma in Water and Human Health, hosted by the Beaty Water Research Centre (BWRC), is designed to give recent graduates and professionals an enhanced understanding of the role of water in driving health outcomes and ultimately the sustainability of populations and communities. This diploma will investigate water in its natural state with an emphasis on the chemical and biological contaminants on human health. The movement of water throughout watersheds will be explored to give students an understanding of hydrological processes, while water regulations and policy will be discussed within the context of driving governance issues in many jurisdictions around the world.


Program Objectives

1. To develop the depth of understanding of the role of water in the environment and its impact on human health

2. To instill the capacity to critically evaluate water issues and identify key aspects of concern to human health

3. To develop the skills to apply current knowledge to water and human health issues

4. To competently be able to communicate at a high level, the different aspects of water and human health issues.

This diploma is designed to prepare students for a career in a variety of industries and organizations. This includes working in the public health sector, engineering and environmental consulting, conservation authorities, non-profit organizations and government planning and management.

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