PhD. candidate Alexander Rey presenting his poster to Dr. Carlos Escobedo at the BWRC Forum 2018
Heading layer
Birds eye view of the BWRC Forum 2018
Dr. Kevin Mumford's Research Group
SWIM Aquahacking finals 2018- Shuang Liang, Alexander Rey, Maraika De Groot and David Blair
Group Picture of WatIF 2014 Conference Participants
Dr. Pascale Champagne in the Lab
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Water-related issues are a driving force for economic growth, social well-being and a healthy population in Canada and around the world. This critical interest is reflected in the diversity of water-related research and education initiatives at Queen’s University, the Royal Military College of Canada and its partner organizations. The BWRC is an inter-disciplinary research centre dedicated to furthering these interests and is committed to fostering an environment that encourages collaborative research spanning both traditional water-related disciplines, as well as non-traditional and emerging disciplines.


  • Water Governance

    Climate Change, Policy

  • Water Use

    Energy, Sustainability, Human Water Relations

  • Water Resources

    Lakes and Rivers, Watersheds, Ecosystems, Biodiversity

  • Water Quality

    Health, Ecotoxicology, Biochemical Parameters